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Making it easier to search content on our website

Our websites are constantly evolving to further improve the journeys of our customers. One recent development has been to include a search autocomplete function.

Similar to what most people have come to expect from search engines, once you start to type something into our search field you are presented with a list of suggested webpages that you can then click on to visit that page.

Despite only 10% of our website visitors in 2021 using the search function, this is a key feature to increase the chances of those users completing the task they have visited our website to complete.

So far in 2022 we have had more than 54,000 searches entered on our website, with around a third of those clicking on the suggested pages from the autocomplete. This saves the user a click as they don’t have to then select their page from the search results.

This is just one of the many developments we are continuing to add to our portfolio of websites.