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Virtual Plaque Scheme

We are very proud of the many famous authors, poets, mathematicians and philanthropists who have lived in the borough of Ashford. In order to commemorate these great people we have built a virtual plaque scheme.

Instead of following the usual path of installing blue plaques around the borough to remember the places linked to these famous faces, we opted to build a virtual trail on our website.

Our Virtual Plaque Scheme is based around a Google Map which has the plot points of each of our heritage locations. Viewing the map, users can navigate their way around the borough and click on the green plaque icons to find out more information about that particular site.

Each icon on the map has the name of the famous person associated with that site, an anchor hyperlink to find out more information, and a link to get directions to that location via Google Maps.

The additional information about the location says about its historical importance and gives a short biography of the person in question.

The additional functionality of the Google Map link enables users to follow the trail around the borough with ease.

Interested in finding out more about Ashford’s famous faces? Then visit our Virtual Plaque Scheme webpage.