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What we use our social media channels for

Social media has become a core aspect of our communications strategy within the organisation. Due to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor, we’re now able to reach thousands of residents to amplify our most important messages thanks to a combined total of over 50,000 followers across our platforms.

What content can you expect to see from us on each of our channels? Let’s break it down.


Aside from being one of our biggest platforms in terms of reach, the addition of Groups also allows us to reach residents across the vast number of Facebook community groups that have been set up and established in our borough. Did you know that we also have our own Facebook group called Residents of Ashford with a private community of over 3,000 residents? We always love to share your community news with everyone, so if you have a story to share just send us a private message with details.


A fast-moving platform where you can get information from us, as it breaks. Twitter allows us to communicate our news within 280 characters, so you’ll often see a summary of key content accompanied by a link directing our followers to further details.


If you haven’t joined Nextdoor already then this is a great place to get local community news, tailored to the area you live. We currently have over 25,000 members signed up to receive updates on our page, making it our biggest platform in terms of subscribed members. Follow our account to engage in consultations, interact with community polls and to be notified of urgent alerts via SMS in an emergency.


This is where we share the best of our borough through pictures and other forms of visual content. Want to see your picture on our feed? Simply tag @ashfordbc whenever you’re out and about. We also use our Instagram profile to share events and digital campaigns.


If you would prefer to solely see business news, campaigns and project updates from the council, then our LinkedIn feed is ideal for you. We also use LinkedIn to share news on the latest vacancies within the organisation.