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Data Driven Design

We launched a new website in 2020 and one of the key new features of the site was a homepage that offers more options to our users. Our previous website was limited in the number of links that we could provide users with.

With a new design, we now offer over 60 of our services and guidance linked from our homepage. The only issue we’ve had has been ensuring that information doesn’t get lost on the homepage and that the customer journey is as smooth as possible.

We reviewed the traffic to our previous website to inform the design of the new site to determine how the homepage should be ordered. However, user trends changes over time and at different times of the year.

For example, our garden waste pages get a lot more traffic in April and May compared to January and February, so they will have more prominence in the spring months compared to winter.

The result is a bimonthly review of our traffic, compared with trends we have identified in previous years, to produce a proactive homepage layout that meets our customers’ needs.