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Digital resources for you, family and friends

In the current climate, more than ever, skills to navigate and use the internet are more important as the world becomes more and more digital. Some people will pick up digital skills easily, whereas others need more support to get online.

BT with ITV and Barclays Bank have respectively worked on building programmes of training to walk users through various activities and transactions that can be completed online.

If you, a family member, friend or neighbour is struggling with online services then the following resources may help boost their confidence and understanding.

BT and ITV have teamed up with celebrities such as David Walliams, Peter Jones and Claire Balding to present a series of videos helping you to make the most of the internet. The BT and ITV Tech Tips website has a range of guides to help and covers the following topics:

Video calling and Whatsapp, with Claire Balding
Tech tips for homeschooling, with David Walliams
Culture and entertainment, with Reggie Yates
Keeping fit, with Gareth Southgate
Online safety for kids, with Marvin and Rochelle

Barclays have launched a Tea and Teach Youtube playlist of videos. These how-to-guides are each between 5-15 minutes long and cover topics such as:

An introduction to the internet
Online banking
An introduction to Social Media
Being safe online and avoiding scams
The importance of passwords
Enjoying music, games and TV online