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Digital inclusion in action

"I learnt a lot from this event", "Everyone was very helpful", "I gained much more confidence", "I met some lovely people and learned some new things"...

These were just some of the comments from an event aimed to help residents overcome their digital barriers.

Ashford Borough Council (ABC) partnered with Barclays Bank, Ashford Gateway and the One You Shop to host a digital inclusion event aimed to equip those who lack basic digital skills and the confidence required to get online.

Over 30 residents attended the event, which was held on Wednesday 13 November 2019 at Ashford Gateway, and included workshops on basic digital skills supported by ABC's digital champions and a seminar on how to stay safe and keep personal data safe online, which was hosted by Barclays.

Image of an ABC employee helping a resident to save a document on their computer.

Michelle Pecci, Head of HR and Customer Services at ABC said: "For most people going online to make purchases, pay bills or to keep in touch with friends and family is almost second nature, however, this is not the case for everyone.

"This is why we teamed up with Barclays Bank, Ashford Gateway and One You to put on this event, which included several of our staff who were on hand to help attendees to get online, create an email of Facebook account or search the internet to find out information. The event was well attended and we're really please with the feedback we received."