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How to keep up to date with latest council news

With the rapid growth in online communications and social media channels, it’s never been easier to contact Ashford Borough Council and to keep your finger on the pulse of what we are doing.

Your Ashford app

Are you trying to contact us? Have you spotted something in the borough that needs tidying up? Maybe your bin wasn’t collected when it was due to be? By using the Your Ashford app, you can easily get in touch and report these types of incidents directly to us, even when you’re out and about. You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

News Hub

You’ll find all the latest news, as well as blogs and council-led or supported events, so it’s a great way to keep up to date with local happenings - you can even watch our latest video content, which is also on our YouTube channel, plus it can all be shared via your social media feed too.


One of the most popular channels used by residents as it’s great way to share the latest news using words, images, videos and more, plus you can engage directly with us by sharing your views and asking questions. Also, make sure you join our ‘Residents of Ashford’ Facebook group. It’s a place for residents to engage, share and chat while finding out what’s happening in the borough.


Need the latest news? Twitter’s the place for you! We’re grateful to the many businesses and residents who tag us on here so that we’re able to share more information throughout the borough, so please don’t stop.


The ideal channel for provision of the latest business-related news in order to raise awareness of what the council does and how it can help with the continuing development of the local economy.


The place to go for beautiful imagery of the borough and to share all the hidden gems that others might not be aware of. Don’t forget to tag us when you’re out and about, as we love to see and share your pictures so that everyone can see the delights of the borough.