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Redesigning our processes

We've been analysing our existing processes to see if we can spot any particular areas where we can improve. As a result we have identified some gaps and have come up with solutions to make our services smoother.

The main thinking driving our redesigns are that they should be customer-focussed, easy-to-use, and accessible.

Our digital-first approach has involved process mapping, scrutinising data and analysing processes from start to finish. Putting ourselves into the shoes of our customers, we have asked why we are doing things in a certain way, and how we can improve our service delivery.

By aligning our services with the needs of our residents we can eliminate unnecessary steps in the journey and be more efficient as a result. As our funding from central government declines, these efficiencies are becoming more and more sought after.

We also want our residents to be able to interact with us at a time and place of their choosing. As such, we have now digitised over 45 processes and are working to provide more and more services in digital formats.

Processes that we have redesigned include our insurance claim process, garage applications and we've revamped our contract management toolkit.

These new approaches are enabling our customers to contact us wherever they are, taking up less of their time, and hopefully providing them with a higher quality service.