image for blog article entitled The Power of Cludo

Helping you find what you're looking for

Everyone has experienced the frustration of searching for content or a form on a website and not being able to find it. As our digital transformation continues, we are hoping to make this less and less of an issue.

We are doing this through our search function software, Cludo. You may have noticed the new feature on the website, which provides auto-suggested text and sentences as you start to type in your search query.

These suggestions can speed up your search as they will present keywords and popular phrases based on the text you have already started typing.

The intelligent site search platform helps users as they're searching for content but also informs the website team about what visitors to the website are searching for.

Cludo analytics also flag search terms that haven't produced any results so we can then look at adding particular wording to our content or filling complete content gaps.

An example of this occurred when a resident searched for 'dustbin', but no results appeared. Using Cludo's in-built tools, we've added 'dustbin' as a synonym for 'bin', which tells our website to show the same results for either of these search terms.

However, that isn't the only way that Cludo is helping us to develop our content. It also records all of the search terms so we can see what residents are looking for online. These insights allow us to alter our website structure to make the more common search terms easier to find via navigation.

Our website is an ever-evolving platform and every aspect we improve is making information easier to find.