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Transitioning to a cost-saving new intranet

As we looked to continue our digital first approach to the way we conduct core operations, a small project team of four were tasked with the job of moving the council’s intranet over to an enhanced platform.

Initial brainstorming sessions took place on how we could transition staff smoothly from an intranet platform hosted on outdated software, to a completely new system that would allow staff to interact with future internal communications in line with a modern way of working.

The core project work took place between January and March 2021 and was completed within two months.

The team were able to successfully migrate content spanning a decade over to a digital platform that was already used by the council, but adapt the existing platform in a way that it could also be used as a fully functioning intranet.

At a critical time for council budgets, this in-house project has made a big cost saving as no money has needed to be spent on extra software or external consultancy.

In addition, the platform offers extra flexibility for staff in that its core features are accessible on the go via mobile devices without the need to connect to a remote server.

This new system allows staff to find information easier and quicker and a by-product of this means that we are able to serve residents more efficiently.